Taylor James Property Auctions Experts

Experienced National Property Auctioneers specialising in the West Midlands and North of England

Taylor James Auctions gives vendors a fast and efficient sales route. We make it easy to auction your house online. Utilising the latest technology and data-led reporting which enables the best possible selling environment for our clients. Our auction property experts and transparent, easy to use and client-led property systems make the journey for buyers an easy one. A straightforward and simple process to buying a house at auction.

The continued growth of The Midlands property market means the auction market is a thriving area with both sellers and buyers seeing excellent opportunities. With the planned HS2 Rail Links, the 2022 Commonwealth Games and a host of other large scale opportunities, the region as a whole is predicted to see continued growth and development over the coming decades.

With a personal, attentive and experienced team of property experts, Taylor James Auctions is happy to help with any queries you may have regarding buying or selling at auction.

Meet the team

Russell Taylor - Director/Auctioneer

Russell Taylor


With close to 20 years’ experience working in the Auction Industry Russell has experience in selling assets from all use classes and dealing with a variety of vendors. With his extensive knowledge and experience Russell can help navigate both buyers and sellers through the auction process from start to finish. Having personally handled the sale of over 4,500 lots across the UK, Russell is familiar with a diverse geographical range of properties. Housing associations, charities, government bodies and utility companies are just some of the corporate clients Russell has dealt with in the past whilst also dealing with many property professionals, traders and developers.

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Melanie Calvert - Contracts and Legal Manager

Melanie Calvert

Contracts and Legal Manager

With over a decade of experience working in the auction industry, Melanie has an excellent understanding of the auction process from start to finish and handles all the contracts both pre and post auction. Melanie has worked for numerous auctioneers across the country and is able to assist in many aspects of the business.

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Elisa Frenkel - Auction Assistant

Elisa Frenkel

Auction Assistant

Following the completion of her Masters degree, Elisa has had over six years experience working in customer service. Whilst at university, Elisa volunteered in organising academic conferences and university open days. This level of experience has enabled her communication skills to further develop and friendly character to come across in the work environment, including her willingness to help with any auction enquiries

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Cherisse Brittain - Auction Assistant

Cherisse Brittain

Auction Assistant

Cherisse has many years of personal experience in property auctions and has also run her own rental portfolio. Cherisse has always thrived on a fast-paced work environment having worked for a Swedish Investment Bank for 12 years, organising corporate roadshows across Europe. Cherisse’s skill set is perfect for the ever-changing world of auctions and is keen to further enhance her auction knowledge over the coming years.

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Danielle Smith - Auction Assistant

Danielle Smith

Auction Assistant

Danielle has over 10 years’ experience in Customer service and office administration. With her extensive experience, thorough attention to detail and friendly personality she is always ready to help with any auction enquiries.

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Isaac Segalov - Auction Negotiator

Isaac Segalov

Auction Negotiator
Liza Mardon - Auction Administrator

Liza Mardon

Auction Administrator